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nearby couch. Ginger asks, like what? Ginger hides her head under a pillow and says she can't believe this, no wonder she's single. Ashley shrugs and says how else is Ginger supposed to learn, is she going to ask her next bad date for pointers? She spreads Ginger's legs and gives her friend's pussy a couple of gentle kisses before licking it more energetically. Not bad, she says, but she can see why guys would say she's not a good kisser. Ashley smirks and says that there's more body parts you can kiss than just the lips. Ashley asks where she learned how to kiss in the first place, and Ginger says she doesn't know, she just kind of picked it up along the way. tropical island sex schläge auf die fotze Maybe Ginger really is a bad kisser, and it's just that nobody's ever told her! Ashley says that she once dated a girl who thought she was a great kisser, and she turned out to be terrible. Besides, girls know way more about kissing other girls the right way than guys. Ungefähr 13316 Ergebnisse für 'Rothaarige Teen' 00:11:34 00:04:54 00:35:53 00:08:00 00:07:00 00:07:00 00:05:00 00:06:19 00:07:15 00:04:56 00:05:17 00:08:00 00:06:15 00:20:09 00:05:44 00:06:11 00:05:50 00:31:18 00:16:28 00:07:00 00:08:00 00:05:59 00:06:56 00:05:14 00:09:08 00:22:55 00:05:00 00:07:50 00:08:31 00:07:00 00:05:01 00:14:26 00:06:17 00:06:11 00:08:00 00:05:01 00:10:05 00:17:32 00:08:00. Ginger begins describing the bad date in detail, from the bad first-date topics he brought up to when he yelled at the server, which is such a red flag. Ashley offers, and Ginger immediately refuses.

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