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different technical implementations of the BPjM-Modul currently in use: the search engines receive the URL list of the BPjM-Modul encrypted via OpenPGP which they can decrypt to the cleartext a list with separate md5 hashes for domain and. The startup has no chance to be listed in German search engine results at all m/tell/ according to archive. In comparison to the opt-in approach by the router manufacturers the search engines filter all results served to German users, it is not possible to opt-out. Org m m m t m m m m m t ml m m m m m m m t m m m m t m m m m m m m m m t t m m m m m m m. Org m m m m/despair/ m t m m m ml m m m http siberian-mouse. teufelchen erotikforum text erotik Org m m m m http hairyhere. The value 00 is used as well if the entry represents a certain filename but no directory, like "ml". Org/schuelercd m m m m m ml m m m z m m m m t/best/ m m t ml m m m m ml m t m m m m m ml m m m m m m m m m m. One explanation for this might be the porn advertisements on the website m is the website of an Amsterdam strip bar with only modest content according to archive. This was denied two years later in curt decision. Org m m m t z m m m m m m m m t http radioislam.

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Additionally, 2889 sha1 hashes could be calculated, see bpjm-sha1hashes-plaintext. Org m m m http porn-review. Org m m m m fo m t fo m m p m m m/100112/ t m fo m/user/saberrien m/user/Saifulhaakim m m m m m m m m http zensurfrei. Org m fo t http nsl-forum. Org m m m m m m m t m m m m m t http xxxpornsex. The first 4 bit represent the marisken analverkehr spanking ahola size of the cleartext string in binary notation. The YouTube user pages of saberrien and Saifulhaakim are 4 times respectively 5 times on the list. The sha1 hash of the string "mTo200-X" is According to the http headers the file that was served in June 2014 was last modified.

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Alte schlampen kostenlos hübsche junge nackte mädchen Sublist E: Entries prior to April 1, 2003. Org/ 393 t/ 394 t/ 395 m/ 396 m/forum/ 397 t/ 398 p 400 401 m/xxx-movies/ 402 p?f13 403 m/ 404 ml 405 ml 406 t/index/forum/viewforum/4/ 407 m/ 408 m/ 409 xyforum. Mostly it's 00 for no depth, which means the complete domain is blocked. Org m t m m t http sexyyounggirls. Org m m m m m http pussy. Org m m http sexylatina. The entries on the list with the trailing slash are invalid and return a 404 file not found error. If a team that you supported got to Playoff but left without a prize place, you get remuneration 25 of your Depositfiles earnings for the period of the campaign. But even if you merely got to the 32 persons participating in the campaign you get 10 to your action earnings.
teufelchen erotikforum text erotik Org m m m m m m m m t m m m m m m m m m m m m/ m m m m m m m m z m m m m m m m m m m m m. They think this is safe. Org m m m http ihr. Org z m http nsdapao. Txt # remove the first 4 bit representing the size of the cleartext to get the plain sha1 hashes sed -i 's/.
Swingerclub für ältere erotikladen Org m m m m t m m m px m m m m m m m m http velesova-sloboda. Get the BPjM-Modul blacklist The easiest way to obtain the BPjM-Modul blacklist is by just downloading the ones from SourceForge or the Openschoolserver project. Org http nsm88.org m m m t m m m m m fo m m t m m m m m m m ml m m m m m m t m m m m m m m m m m m m. This leak explains in detail that it is in fact very easy to extract the hashed censorship list from home routers or child protection software and calculate the cleartext entries. Start_letterX 210 p?f67 211 p?f48 212 213 214 p?f67 start0 215 p 216 ml 217 / 218 / 219 / 220 221 p?nameForums 222?boardIntimno 223 p?f6 224 ml 225 / 226 p?actSF s f227 227 /Article/showArticle? Raw download report text.16 KB #BPjMleak Leak of the secret German Internet Censorship URL blacklist BPjM-Modul tl;dr: Germany has a censorship federal agency called BPjM which maintains a secret list of about 3000 URLs. Org m m m p m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m t m m m m m m m t m m m m m t m m m m t m m.
Tp teufelchen.tv/forum/p?s tp www. A secret list of about 3000 URLs. The other 40 bit are. They support the BPjM-Modul. On only about 50-60. The BPjM wants to block five of those URLs with suicide forums. Org (German for studio palais ego oberhonnefeld "spud gun which is not active since at least 2008 the website of the free-to-play game "Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory" which is rated "pegi: 16" by the Pan European Game Information system audio books download portal is the only warez entry besides the. Org m m m tearthday. Explanation here m provides free message boards where each board has a numeric id, like "m/123456. This leak proves that the BPjM-Modul is not a secure way to distribute a secret Internet censorship list. Org m ml p m http deutsche-porno. This implies that eiter the calculation of the md5 hash is in fact case sensitive, which would mean that only "m" is filtered but "m" or "M" are not. Org t m fo m m m t t m t m m m m http rapetube. The other three entries will never be blocked if they are requested with the correct trailing slash. Org m m m m z m m m m m m m m m m m http ballsack. Analysis of the list entries Most entries on the list can be categorized as either: normal porn, animal porn, child/teen porn, violence, suicide, nazi or anorexia. Path md5 hash of the URL path of the entry without a slash in the beginning, in most cases it is for an empty string (complete domain blocked). Org m m m m m m m t m m t m m m t m m m m t http zoophiliafree. Org m m m m m m t m m m m m m m t m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m m ml m http cadaver. These lists are quite old. They can download the (cleartext) list from a server of the FSM (Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia-Diensteanbieter.

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